Who We Are

Growing up in the mountains of Virginia, I always felt an inherent desire to seek out beauty and nature throughout the city streets of Brooklyn. The idea for Spry Flower Farm began germinating in 2017 when I – once filmmaker, turned PR gal (still PR gal) , and now flower farmer – saw an opportunity to “plant the seed” for an urban flower farm after my departure from the corporate world. At Spry Flower Farm, I grow flowers from seed – under LED lights, on metal shelves in my basement – then plant the seedlings in volunteer yards (through the generosity of my neighbors) across Brooklyn. This site is intended to document my journey, and recognize all that is beautiful in the world, even when it might seem ugly. It is my sincere hope that my experience might inspire others to take risks, believe in themselves, and follow their star.

What’s in a Name

Spry pays homage to the renowned British florist, Constance Spry who, in 1928, at the age of 42, opened her first flower shop after a successful career in education. Her unique floral designs were revolutionary – and considered unconventional – combining traditional flowers with more natural, uncelebrated plant materials like weeds, grasses, kale and pussy-willow. Her decision to change career direction mid-way through her life is an inspiration, and her unique approach an aspiring one. Constance Spry was a pioneering businesswoman and a celebrated florist who encouraged people to “follow their own star”. Spry is also a play on words, for you don’t want a wilting flower, you want a spry one!

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