Flower Subscriptions

Spry Flower Farm offers locally grown, professionally designed, hand-tied seasonal bouquets via a subscription service. Our seasonal flower subscription makes a great gift!

As always, subscriptions are limited, and available on a first come, first serve basis. Please see below for subscription sessions and pricing.

Session 1 ($150) – 4 weeks:  Friday June 25 to Weds July 14 (8 spots left) 

Session 2 ($150) – 5 weeks: Week of July 26 – Aug. 30 (up to 20 spots)

Session 3 ($150) – 5 weeks: Week of Sept. 13 – Oct. 11 (up to 20 spots)

Delivery is currently available for Session 1 only in select Brooklyn neighborhoods for an additional $10/per delivery. Pick up is available on Saturday mornings, for free, in Kensington, Brooklyn unless other arrangements are made. We are working with other establishments to secure additional pick-up locations throughout the borough and, if there is enough interest, in other NYC boroughs.

Flower Arrangements

In addition to subscriptions, individual, personalized arrangements can be purchased pending flower availability. All arrangements are ”designer’s choice” from a selection of flowers available at the time of purchase. Selections will range from daffodils, tulips and Saponaria in early spring, to zinnias, Scabiosa and lace flower mid-summer, to dahlias, celosia and chrysanthemums in the fall. Arrangements are available in several tiers:

  • Hand tied arrangements – start at $50, plus delivery fee
  • Mason Jar arrangements – start at $75, plus delivery fee
  • Spry Arrangements* – start at $150, plus delivery fee
  • Cut your own – please inquire

*Spry arrangements come in a bespoke, keepsake vintage vase from our curated selection.

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